Commercial Appraisal Reports

Full narrative commercial appraisals for lenders, property owners, accountants and attorneys.

Restricted Appraisal Reports

A restricted report is USPAP compliant with a more limited scope of work and intended use. This is often an ideal appraisal product for property owners who need valuations for various uses at a lower cost than a full appraisal. We can provide one or multiple approaches to value with this product.


We provide high quality commercial evaluations for lenders across Tennessee and have carefully isolated the most relevant subject property and market data information to develop an evaluation that will withstand the scrutiny of auditors and allow you to lend with confidence. Evaluations are not required to conform to USPAP in the State of Tennessee and can only be developed for lenders.

There are several large evaluation companies churning out low quality products at low fees (or even high fees) with inexperienced staff who have no geographical competence in most markets. On the other hand, in-house evaluations can expose lending institutions to compliance risk if not correctly developed or reviewed by qualified individuals as specified by federal guidelines.

We have an online ordering system for ease of use and can also accept orders from your current online appraisal management platform if you prefer!


We do not appraise single-family homes on the URAR 1004 form for lenders or individuals. We do appraise bulk quantities of residential and PUD lots and residential properties on large acreage tracts that benefit from a narrative report format.

The methods by which appraisals are prepared have changed significantly in recent years. We utilize the latest database and report writing technology to stay competitive in the appraisal industry and to ensure a consistent appraisal product. We recognize the frustration and the costly delays caused by incorrect appraisal methodology and appraisal revisions. Our attention to detail and efficient processes minimize appraisal revisions and late appraisal submissions. Our reports are easy to read, have a consistent and clean look, a logical flow of information, and are not redundant. We recognize our important role in the lending process and strive to provide credible appraisals for your underwriting decisions.

With these factors in mind, please consider the benefits of using Burch Appraisal Group, a local MAI-owned appraisal company, to provide these services. Our fees and turn times are very competitive, and more importantly, we believe our high-quality evaluation products offer a superior value compared to our local and out-of-area competitors.

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